Have you ever seen a guy with UGG Boots NZ?

Have you ever seen a guy with UGG Boots NZ?

Oh that reminds me… I was in San Francisco last year visiting my sister and they were having a Gay Pride parade, and there was this almost naked guy dancing around like he was using a hula hoop (except there WAS no hula hoop). All he had on was a pink thong and a pink feather scarf, but his choice in footwear that day was a pair of Uggs. That was the only time I’ve seen a guy in UGG Boots NZ. Do you know him? Sorry this was so long.

In the south of UK, Ugg boots are so yesterday that people here are not buying them; I guess fashion takes a while to work its’ way from London to the northern counties.

well ive got the tanned ones… i wouldnt buy them again tho,, they get dirty easy if i was you id go for the chocolate ones they are dark and can hide the marks,,,i wish id bought them insead!!!

Whar colour ugg boots should I get ?

Tan. I love my UGG Boots NZ and tan looks good with everything!

Whoever said Ugg boots are ‘so yesterday’. For your information, UGG Boots NZ never go out of fashion. And I live in the South of the UK and I see them everywhere! Ta.

What’s the difference between uggs and emus?

I don’t see the difference, except for a thicker sole on the emus and a different sign on the heel

uggs are more expensive and “the brand” to have if you want those kind of boots..
emus are looked as the fake/cheaper version of uggs

i think uggs are more of a brand name
i see more ppl wearing brand names buy uggs

UGG Boots NZ are some of the finest footwear on the planet, especially when teamed with a rainy day, PJs, and the couch. Wearing your uggs while running errands in the outside world, as illustrated by Gisele Bundchen, does not do them justice.

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